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Practical English: 1000 Most Effective Words PDF BOOK.

 Practical English: 1000 Most Effective Words PDF BOOK.

Practical English: 1000 Most
. Effective Words PDF BOOK

  • General Description :
This is one of those books you can pick up and enjoy for a few minutes, for years to come. It is a compendium of seldom used words with their definition and an example of how to use the word. The greater a person's vocabulary, the greater their ability to understand a wider view of the world they live in. Most books that tout building a better vocabulary are dull and tedious. This one is fun and doesn't ask you to take a quiz or do exercises. It is just fun to flip through it and it teaches you new words. The more you master vocabulary, the better you become at explaining your ideas, your adventures, your feelings, your point of view. The brain needs words to form concepts. This is a great way to expand your mind.

  • From the Inside Flap :
Based on the contention that we do not utillize speech to its fullest extent, this guide is an essential aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and developing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

_ Indispensable For Writers, Speakers, Teachers!
  1. Enrich your vocabulary. 
  2. Express yourself clearly, and beautifully. 
  3. Fun and easy to use!

  • About the Author :
_ Norman W. Schur (1907–1992) was the author of 1000 Most Important Words, Practical English: 1000 Most Effective Words, 1000 Most Challenging Words, and 1000 Most Obscure Words.