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Writing That Works

Writing That Works

Writing That Works
The classic guide that helps you communicate your thoughts clearly, concisely, and effectively. Essential for every professional, from entry level to the executive suite, Writing that Works includes advice on all aspects of written communication—including business memos, letters, reports, speeches and resumes, and e-mail—and offers insights into political correctness and tips for using non-biased language that won’t compromise your message.

Concise and easy-to-use, Writing that Works features an accessible, at-a-glance style, full of bulleted "tips" and specific examples of good vs. bad writing.

With dozens of samples and useful tips for composition, Writing That Works will show you how to improve anything you write:

E-mails, memos and letters that get read—and get action
Proposals, recommendations, and presentations that sell ideas
Plans and reports that get things done
Fund-raising and sales letters that produce results
Resumes and letters that lead to interviews
Speeches that make a point
And much more.