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Barron Essential Words For The IELTS

Barron Essential Words For The IELTS

Barron Essential Words For The IELTS
Banun's Essential Words for the IEL1S will help famlliartze you with the vocabula!y you will find on the reading and ltstentng sections of the IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System). As the number of words you understand when you are reading and ltstening increases, your speaking and writing vocabulary will tmprove as well.

This book is include:

Vocabulary and the IELTS
IELTS Study Contract
Self -Study Activities
How to Use This Book
Unit 1 : The Natural World
Environmental Impacts of Logging
Bird Migration
Plant Life In the Taklimakan Desert
Unit 2: Leisure Time
Peripheral V ision in Sports
History of the Circus
Uses of Leisure Time
Unit 3: Transportation
First Headlamps
Major Subways of Europe
Electric Cars Around the Globe
Unit 4: Culture
Origins of Writing
Hula Dancing In Hawaiian Culture
The Art of Mime
Unit 5: Health
Nurse Migration
Aerobic Exercise and Brain Health
How Drugs Are Studied
Unit 6: Tourism
Hiking the Inca Trail
What Is Ecotourism?
Learning Vacations
Unit 7: Business
What Makes a Small Business Successful?
Brand Loyalty
Global Outsourcing
Unit 8: Society
Social Networking
Why Are Women Leaving Science Careers?
Wheelchair-Accessibility Issues
Unit 9: Education
Learning Styles
The Homeschool Option
Educating the Gifted
Unit 1 0: Technology /Inventions
The Development of the Lightbulb
The Invention of Variable-Pitch Propellers
The Transatlantic Cable
Answer Key