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Physiology at a Glance.

Physiology at a Glance
Physiology at a Glance
Everything you need to know about Physiology...at a Glance! Whether you are studying a physiology course as part of a degree in physiology or biomedical sciences, or are a medical student or junior doctor, this is the revision aid that you have been waiting for. Better than before, the second edition of Physiology at a Glance is in full colour with an MCQ self–assessment section, a new table of normal physiological values and updates in a number of key areas. The text and diagrams work brilliantly throughout the whole book, which is helpfully set out around the body systems: – Muscles – Cardiovascular – Respiratory – Renal – The gut and metabolism – Endocrinology and reproduction – The sensory and motor systems Each section has its own introduction and covers all key components. That means from the muscle and its contraction to the control of metabolic fuels, and from renal filtration to the control of breathing, you have everything you need on physiology in one place. But don′t just take our word for it...look inside and make the most of Physiology at a Glance.