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Business Writing With Heart

Business Writing With Heart

Business Writing With Heart
Write your way into successful, lasting work relationships.

Writing is the lifeblood of career success. This book, winner of two Silver Benjamin Franklin Awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association, shows you how to write with heart—to use language and messages that connect with others at work, building relationships that help you achieve your goals.

If you are a leader, team member, sales or service representative, entrepreneur, or any professional who communicates in writing, Business Writing With Heart helps you support your relationships in every message. Whether you write to the assistant in the next office or the partner on the other side of the globe, you can communicate in ways that build trust, respect, and solid connections with others. 

Find out how to: 
--Make small changes in your emails to reinforce relationships rather than weaken them. 
--Share bad news in ways that create goodwill. 
--Say no clearly without alienating or embarrassing others.
--Respond to angry or tactless messages while preserving your reputation and the relationships that matter.
--Communicate confidently even when the words don’t come easily, using the model wording, letters, notes, and emails in this book. 

Write with heart! 
Build strong work relationships one message at a time.

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