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Storytelling With Children

Storytelling With Children:

Storytelling With Children

‘Once upon a time . . . magic words which open the door into
new worlds where anything is possible because the normal rules
of logic do not apply; worlds where children (of all ages) can let
their imaginations loose in a framework of safe familiarity. And,
once those words have been spoken, there must be few people
who can resist the fascination as they are drawn deeper into the
web of the story.

Who is this book for?

In this book, the activities described have been used with
children aged seven to fourteen with between six months and
three years of English. This is a very wide range of experience
and potential learning development. Furthermore, in my
experience the difference between one class and another, even of
the same age and in the same school, can be enormous. So much
depends on whether English is part of the children’s lives in their
society, how enthusiastic and informed their parents are about
English, how naturally English is used by the teacher in the
normal life of the class, and last but not least, how free the
children feel to ‘have a go’ in English.