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Picture Stories, Language and Literacy

 Picture Stories.
 Picture Stories

Picture Stories: Language and Literacy Activities for Beginners consists of 16 picture stories for adult and younz students living in or outside trie Ci. S. who have limited English ability and little familiarity with U.S. cultural practice*
stories are most appropriate for students with basic literacy skills and with survival ESL needs. Told through a sequence of 10 pictures, each story deals with a particular cultural topic. The topics are pres*" r through situations and everyday events that might happen to persons adjusting to life in the (J.S. The characters r '-2
stories know very little English, have minimal literacy skills and have little knowledge of American culture 7b experiences of the characters allow students to analyze their own situations, evaluate options and even anticipate potema problems before they happen. The humor in the stories makes them fun to read and encourages discussion. The book consists of two parts: 16 student units and a Teachers Notes section with separate notes for each studen unit Before beginning to work with the units:
Look through the table of contents. Read the story titles: choose a story based on the needs of the class. Look through the exercises in the chosen story. Read through the Teacher's Notes at the back of the book.