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Introductory Statistics:

Introductory Statistics:

Introductory Statistics

About This Book:

Introductory Statistics presents the fundamentals of statistics,
featuring data production and data analysis. Data exploration
is emphasized as an integral prelude to statistical
This edition of Introductory Statistics continues the
book’s tradition of being on the cutting edge of statistical
pedagogy, technology, and data analysis. It includes hundreds
of new and updated exercises with real data from journals,
magazines, newspapers, and websites.
The following Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction
in Statistics Education (GAISE), funded and endorsed
by the American Statistical Association, are supported and
adhered to in Introductory Statistics:

Emphasize statistical literacy and develop statistical
Use real data.
Stress conceptual understanding rather than mere knowledge
of procedures.
Foster active learning in the classroom.
Use technology for developing conceptual understanding
and analyzing data.
Use assessments to improve and evaluate student learning.