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Miniflashcards Language Games PDF BOOK

Miniflashcards Language Games

The materials supplied in this Miniflashcards pack can be used n many other ways to support the creative use of language

Miniflashcards Language Games

As learners, we make use of all our senses: sight, sound, touch, even taste, and smell. And we learn in many different ways: by listening to what people tell us, by watching what they do, by copying them, by experimenting and finding things out for ourselves, and, above all, by practicing various skills. Our learning can be passive (listening, reading, observing, etc.), it can be active (copying, experimenting, repeating, etc.), it can be individual (learning by oneself or interactive (learning with and from others). Often it is a combination of these.

Miniflashcards are visual and tactile materials which help modern language teachers to provide opportunities for learning which are more multisensory in their appeal and which, because f their flexibility, can be used to meet a wider range of learning needs than textbooks on their own can provide.

The emphasis on games-type activities is deliberate, since the acquisition of foreign languages kills is as many practicals it is academic, and it is only through frequent practice that the learner a become sufficiently familiar with the language presented to be confident enough to use it for him/herself. Constant repetition, however, can be demotivating. By incorporating new vocabulary and grammatical structures into game-like situations in which the elements appear in randomized and enjoyable combinations, learners' involvement in the learning process can be engaged more effectively and sustained for longer than is often the case with textbook exercises. Game situations, is designed with learning goals clearly in mind, can provide stimulating and challenging work which can support those with learning difficulties and promote the learning of our most gifted students.

This book is an interesting book for English learning.

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