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English for Restaurant Workers

English for Resturant workers 

If you want to work on a restaurant you must learn how to work in it. Here we have a book for learning that.

English for Restaurant Workers

About this book:

To provide front-line personnel in restaurants with:
  • The job-related vocabulary and language needed for work in this field
  • The basic skills needed to perform the various takes in restaurants work.

The User 
The book is designed for use by:
  • The trainee waiter or waitress [high elementary level English upwards], who needs the specific vocabulary and commonly used expression for their job.
  • Any English speaking entry-level restaurant employee who needs an easy to follow guide to the various tasks in restaurant work
  • The restaurant trainer or language instructor, whose job can be supplemented and facilitated by the material in this book.

and a lot of important information in this book ...  

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